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98. Impactful Ways To Master Your Business Taxes

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn sits down with Meagan Hernandez, the visionary founder and CEO of Impactful Numbers. Meagan is a highly sought-after Professional Accountant known for her holistic approach. She bridges the gap between bookkeeping and tax expertise, providing comprehensive solutions and empowering her clients with tax strategies and education. 

They navigate through tax intricacies pertinent to eComm owners. From unraveling the complexities of sales tax to uncovering crucial tax deductions, Meagan sheds light on tax tips crucial for small business owners in the eComm world. 

Join Dawn and Meagan as they unravel the mysteries of taxation in the eComm landscape, providing invaluable insights and actionable advice for business owners striving for financial prowess in their ventures.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [4:55] Sales tax in the eComm world
  • [7:25] How to learn about tax lase in your state
  • [11:15] Mistakes new business owners make
  • [17:14] The importance of separating business and personal expenses 
  • [18:52] Number one financial tip for eComm owners
  • [21:43] Biggest financial mistake eComm business owners make
  • [25:10] Tax deductions as an eComm owner
  • [29:13] Learn more about taxes in your eComm business


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