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91. Redefining Healthy Nail Care with Suzanne Shade

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sat down with Suzanne Shade, the creative strategist, and founder of Bare Hands. Bare Hands is a nail care brand based in San Francisco. Susanne shares why it is essential to her to create a healthier space in nail care by offering methods that are free of plastic-based paints, gels, and solvents. She and Dawn discuss leveraging product-led value to build a strong community in a booming market.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:35] Suzanne’s background
  • [3:48] The origin story of Bare Hands
  • [9:15] Why this niche
  • [11:35] How the privacy transition changed the way to target ads
  • [13:40] Making the brand stand out
  • [17:05] Looking at more than just data points to scale
  • [19:55] Disrupting the market
  • [25:25] Breaking out of the digital space
  • [33:25] Where to find out more on Bare Hands

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