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Digital Dawn is more than a boutique marketing agency.

We’re your strategic marketing partners.

I had the opportunity to work with Digital Dawn to help my small business. Because of Dawn’s background in the business world and her education, I felt compelled to work with her to improve the success of my business. Dawn is very professional, extremely knowledgeable and was invaluable in getting me to focus on my target market and making my goals really specific. This has given me a new focus and motivation to keep plugging away at this gig that can be so scary at times. Dawn is generous with her time and the weekly meetings have been great for accountability. She is really good at helping you identify EXACTLY what you want to do and she has the resources to the best in the business helping you manage social media, website design copy work and much much more. You will be so happy you invested in your business.

Tiffany Flaten

I have been in the online business world since 2009. I knew if I was to be successful, I would need support. I craved it. I searched for it. I worked with VA’s, and more VA’s, freelancers in foreign countries and then a digital marketing company. There was always something missing. My revenue wasn’t growing and I was often worried that promised results would not come to fruition. I learned about Dawn from a friend and I told myself that I could not “afford” her. Finally, I took the leap because I realized that I was getting what I paid for and what I felt I could afford was not in alignment with where I wanted to go. Now, after 12+ months of working together, I am ecstatic! I know Dawn will do what she says she is going to do and more. I can finally spend my time creating my business, not working in my business. The peace of mind Dawn has given me and the pure joy of knowing that together we can accomplish any visions I have is PRICELESS! I highly recommend Digital Dawn and Dawn Sinkule if you are ready to launch your business visions into new realms of possibilities. Thank you, Dawn, for all the ways you support and inspire me!

Whitney Freya

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