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… because hello, I don’t know an eComm entrepreneur who doesn’t want to grow and scale their business in 2023. 

I mean, YOU wouldn’t be here reading this blog if you weren’t one of them, right? 

So, let’s talk about “growth” for a minute.

Professional and personal growth is a Western culture trend that has been center stage for some time now.

We write books about it. We lead and attend high dollar conferences on it. We listen to podcasts and follow influencers who have “figured it out”… and trust that if we do what they did, we’ll experience the same.

But unfortunately, we focus on just one or the other – either professional OR personal growth. In order to grow your eComm business, both should be a part of the same conversation. 

Professional Growth V. Personal Growth

Professional growth – The development or improvement of talents and skills that will lead to a desired outcome. 

Personal growth – A process of self-awareness in which one does what’s necessary to address attitudes, behaviors, habits, values, etc. they would like to change.

When personal and professional growth are a tandem goal, you’ll experience a catapulting power punch in your overall development – the foundation on which your eComm business will grow in 2023.

There is no one who understands and applies this new paradigm shift in business growth better than my client and good friend, Whitney Freya.

“YOU have to grow in order for your business to grow.” – Whitney

Here’s the deal… 

      • Growth – both personal and professional – can be uncomfortable at times
      • It will cost you something (time, money, energy) 
      • It requires change.

The logical, rational side of our brain is physiologically programmed to resist change. And that presents a challenge from the get-go.

Whether your desire is to grow your audience, expand your reach, serve the world on a grander scale, or all of the above, you will experience tension and resistance simply because it’s an invitation to new territory

But that is where sustaining business growth takes place.

You can do one of two things…

      • Allow the tension, uncertainty, and fear of the unknown to determine your response, OR…
      • Resolve to have an open mind about what’s possible, regardless of how uncomfortable and scary it might be.

With the help and collaboration of the Digital Dawn team, Whitney has created a unique way to support the development of women entrepreneurs – on both a personal and professional level, guaranteed to grow you and your business in ways you could never imagine. 

“I want to teach and empower women who have a business they have either started or want to start,” says Whitney. 

As a female business owner, the Women’s Synergy Collective is like nothing you could experience on your own. The training, community, connection, support, and encouragement will ignite a growth in you and your business that can’t be harnessed. 

If you would like to hear more about this new paradigm shift in business growth that focuses on both personal and professional development, listen to my podcast interview with Whitney. 

“Dawn, I’m all aboard the personal and professional tandem growth train, but first I need help getting my arms around where I am, where I’m headed, and how I’m going to get there.”

That is GREAT insight, so let’s start there. Schedule your FREE discovery call today and let’s see how I can help you. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Dawn Sinkule, the Founder of Digital Dawn, is an MBA graduate, Strategy and Business Growth Consultant as well as a Certified Online Business Manager with more than 16 years of corporate experience working for a Fortune 50 company. Dawn and her team work with passionate six figure business owners who want to grow, expand, and explode their businesses. Her clients get not only the experience of a Fortune 50 leader, but also a personalized and customized strategy as well as an implementation team: AKA your secret weapon for success. Dawn and the DD team provide your choice of  self-implementation or fully done for you solutions, and both include detailed business strategies, automation, systems, and most importantly the satisfaction of knowing your business is heading the right direction. Her clients get not only the experience of a Fortune 50 leader, but also a personalized and customized strategy as well as an implementation team: AKA your secret weapon for success.