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23. Brand Highlight with Tamara Zantell

Episode Summary

What does it take to raise a millionaire entrepreneur and help support a business mogul? Guest Tamara Zantell, mom and entrepreneur extraordinaire shares all in this exclusive interview about building the Zandra Beauty mega brand.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [01:30] Tamara’s background 
  • [03:30] What Tamara’s role in her daughter’s company Zandra Beauty 
  • [08:00] When did Tamara start to help her daughter grow her company
  • [10:30] The restart of Zandra Beauty 
  • [15:30] Why having a road map is important to grow a business 
  • [18:20] What is the future for Zandra Beauty 
  • [22:00] How Tamara is now helping other families 
  • [29:30] Tamara’s last tips and words of wisdom

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