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68. Fulfillment Partnership for eComm Businesses

Episode Summary

Dawn sits down with owner and CEO of SJW Logistics, Seretha Willingham, to discuss the importance of a fulfillment partnership in the eComm space. They discuss the manufacturing challenges a lot of eComm business owners are facing right now. Seretha shares her perspective on building partnerships with fulfillment centers and how important it is to slow down and explore your options when deciding on manufacturers and fulfillment companies. Check out this episode to learn the best practices for ensuring your businesses’ fulfillment process is smooth and efficient. 

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:12] Women in Logistics is not very common

  • [4:07] The biggest challenges of going from corporate America to being an entrepreneur

  • [6:22] How the pandemic created an opportunity

  • [9:57] Services provided by SJW Logistics

  • [12:52] Surprising lessons learned from the eComm business side

  • [14:50] Challenges eComm business owners are facing in the manufacturing space

  • [16:40] Solutions that Seretha has come across

  • [19:17] Shipping costs can change from day to day

  • [22:02] Seretha’s advice for small business owners 

  • [26:20] The importance of a fulfillment partnership

  • [27:30] Seretha’s hindsight advice on joining the entrepreneurial journey

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