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71. The Mindset Shift to CEO

Episode Summary

The shift from wearing every hat in your business, to the mindset of a CEO can seem impossible. But this week, Dawn shares her perspective from her own experience and maps out the key steps in making this mindset shift. Check out this week’s episode to learn what it takes to go from “doer” to “CEO”.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [2:19] When you first start your business, you wear all of the hats 

  • [4:17] How to switch your mindset from “Doer” to “CEO”

  • [6:30] Set a job description for yourself 

  • [9:09] CEO’s need to provide inspirational and strategic direction for the company

  • [11:34] The importance of really strong leadership skills

  • [16:19] What do you do if you aren’t made of CEO material

  • [18:39] Surround yourself with people who have the skill sets that you don’t

  • [22:06] You will not be able to grow and scale your business past a certain point if you can’t step into the CEO role of your business

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