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73. Value Chain Assessments with Sean Delaney

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn sits down again with operations wizard, Sean Delaney, to discuss value chain assessments and how to avoid over automating the processes in your business. Sean explains his experience as a Fractional Chief Operations Officer and how he helps businesses of every size strengthen their operations, innovate for the future, and scale further, faster, with less time and effort. He also shares some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when organizing their operations teams.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:45] How Sean became a Fractional Chief Operations Officer for entrepreneurs

  • [5:10] The definition of a Fractional Chief Operations Officer

  • [10:20] The common operational pitfalls for entrepreneurs

  • [21:25] Everyone on your team should be able to understand how they are serving the mission

  • [26:40] It’s possible to OVER automate processes – watch out for this!

  • [27:45] Understanding the value chain and how it connects to the operations

  • [37:00] There will always be markets for solutions

  • [38:58] Sean’s diagnostic quiz to evaluate your business operations

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