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80. The Changes Coming to the Beauty Industry

Episode Summary

This week, Dawn sat down with CEO and Breast Cancer Survivor, Ira Green, to discuss the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur in the all natural beauty space. Ira explains how she went from creating natural deodorant in her kitchen to partnering with Marriott and The Ritz Carlton. She’s experienced everything from marketing to manufacturing mishaps but she never gave up! FREEDOM is her masterpiece and it is her mission to get people healthier one armpit at a time. Check out this week’s inspiring episode on how the word “No” should never stop you.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:12] Ira’s premonition from finance to the beauty industry

  • [6:24] The “Ah-ha!” moment for Ira’s brand idea

  • [11:09] Ira’s big break into the spas of Las Vegas

  • [13:35] How to stay motivated when it gets rough

  • [17:00] Getting into the big box stores is not always all its hyped up to be

  • [19:00] Ira’s lessons learned in her entrepreneurial journey

  • [22:45] You have to have a good product to start

  • [23:50] How marketing and PR have changed

  • [27:30] Manufacturing lessons learned 

  • [32:30] The changes coming to the beauty industry

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