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99.  Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift At Any Age

Episode Summary

This week Dawn sits down with Leslie Kuster. Leslie is the money and freedom guide for women over 50 who also want to fall in love with life again. As the best-selling author of ‘7 Keys to 7 Figures: The Women Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Money and Freedom,’ Leslie draws from over three decades of entrepreneurial expertise.

Tune in as Leslie and Dawn explore the transformative journey of reshaping your mindset to redefine your business trajectory. Diving into crucial themes like overcoming age-related barriers, combating negative self-talk, and practical steps for a mindset overhaul, this conversation unveils actionable strategies for personal and professional growth at any age. 

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [3:20] How to know when to change course in your business
  • [6:50] Shifting your mindset about societal norms
  • [9:32] It’s not too late to get focused on what you want in business
  • [13:05] Inspiration to write “7 Keys to 7 Figures”
  • [16:30]Reasons why women hesitate when taking
  • the next steps in business
  • [18:50] How to get over negative self talk
  • [23:35] Where to start when manifesting
  • [26:45] Who is the book “7 Keys to 7 Figures” for

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